Sports Training for the Underprivileged

At ECM Libra Foundation, it is our belief that sports is an important part of development of an individual. In sports, one can learn the importance of discipline through determination and perseverance towards achieving success as well as maintaining a good healthy body in the process. These lessons will not only be applicable to the children’s success in the classroom but also when faced with challenges later in their lives.We recognize that children from underprivileged background do not have the opportunity nor the means to participate in sports training. We believe that these children if given the opportunity may also excel in the selected sport and hence find themselves another path to success.

In view of this, we partner with Royal Selangor Club to sponsor the junior soccer training program for underprivileged children who have a passion for soccer and Michael’s Badminton Academy (MBA) to sponsor the badminton training for children from the various welfare homes.