About Us

Happy Kids Vector BackgroundAbout ECM Libra Foundation (“Foundation”)
When the ECM Libra Financial Group was set up, the founding partners decided to live out their vision of setting up a Foundation to help poor Malaysian children succeed. The Foundation was incorporated on 30 October 2004 as a charitable organisation with the objective of providing financial assistance for educational purposes for underprivileged Malaysians, irrespective of race, religion or creed. Its founders are Dato’ Seri Kalimullah bin Masheerul Hassan, Mr Lim Kian Onn and Dato’ David Chua Ming Huat who collectively donated a total of RM63 million to the Foundation.

A Board of Trustees was set up to govern the Foundation, independent of the financial group and the Board currently comprises Dato’ Seri Kalimullah bin Hassan (Chairman), Mr Lim Kian Onn, Tan Sri Dato’ Sak Cheng Lum, Dato’ Mohd Ali bin Abd Samad and Mr Lim Beng Choon.

The Founders believe that education would be the means to break the poverty cycle and to uplift the quality of life for the underprivileged families. Recognising that access to education is most difficult for the poor, the Foundation focuses on helping first the marginalised segments of the communities, in particular the Orang Asli in Peninsular Malaysia, the natives of Sabah and Sarawak, and also the hard-core poor in the small towns and some urban-poor communities. The major activities undertaken by the Foundation are:

provision of financial assistance in the form of grants for building or refurbishment of educational facilities, such as school halls, resource centres, libraries etc. or purchase of teaching and education aids to the poor and underprivileged primary and secondary school students;

providing interest-free and bond-free study loans for local tertiary students who face financial difficulties and awarding of scholarship for specific cause;

sponsorship of teaching programmes, such as pre-school learning, tuition programmes and also skills training programs for non-academically inclined students. This includes sponsorship of some sports, leadership and motivational programmes for underprivileged students to complement the academic programmes.

In the sponsorship of teaching programmes, the Foundation undertakes both one-off sponsorship as well as longer term projects working with long-term partners to drive specific outcomes. The theme the Foundation has adopted for the longer term projects is “Stay-In-School” where the objective is simply to help poor students stay abreast in their school work so they do not drop out. In these projects, the Foundation works with partners on the ground and local communities who are committed to the children’s success.