In partnership with University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR), we are sponsoring English and ICT tuition programmes for children from the New Villages. There are over four hundreds New Villages throughout Peninsula Malaysia. They were created at the height of the communist insurgency in Malaya from 1948 to 1989.

Today, these New Villages are communities of ethnic Chinese families who send their children to Chinese type national schools. Because of their environment, these children normally are lacking in the English language skills, which become a major handicap when competing for employment in the corporate world. With the increasing importance of ICT, ECM Libra Foundation has also agreed to sponsor the ICT classes for these children. UTAR’s computer science faculty has organized volunteers to teach Scratch Programming to these children.

ECM Libra Foundation sponsor the operational cost of running the program whilst UTAR faculty and students volunteer to teach the tuition program for selected children living in the New Villages nearby the UTAR’s campuses. These programmes now benefits more than 200 children from SJKC Batu 11 and SJKC Batu 9 in Cheras, SJKC Sg Chua, SJKC Balakong, SJKC Thong Han in Chenderong, SJKC Bemban in Batu Gajah, SJKC Jeram and SJKC Lawan Kuda in Gopeng and SJKC Kampung Timah.