Our collaboration with non-profit Global Peace Foundation Malaysia (GPFM) began in 2015 when we funded a leadership camp for 24 under-privileged students from SMK Segambut. Known as the ‘Dare to Dream’ Camp, the students gained insights about themselves, were able to express themselves better as their self-confidence improved, learnt values such as respect and integrity, and dared to imagine about their future. Encouraged by the visible impact of this camp, we decided to extend our partnership with GPFM.

In 2016, we sponsored another camp by GPFM for 17 boys from SMK Bukit Bintang. Described as at-risk, the boys took part in activities aimed at building their emotional, social and cognitive capacities. Teachers from the school reported no more disciplinary issues with these boys following the camp.

We funded another GPFM-conducted youth camp in 2018 for 38 students in Sarawak. During the Young Changemakers Camp, the students took part in self-discovery activities, learnt how to build relationships and developed their leadership skills. The positive outcomes reported included more confident and empathetic youth who want to make a positive contribution to society.

Apart from conducting camps for students, the Foundation had also sponsored two retreats for educators, for SMK Puterijaya in 2017 and for Yayasan LaSallian Kuching (YLK) in 2018. YLK oversees 10 learning centres for the disadvantaged. These two retreats impacted 107 teachers, and brought about transformational change such as feeling more motivated and purposeful, having greater empathy for their students, and more committed to developing their students.

GPFM is an NGO that conducts programmes to facilitate intercultural and inter-religious cooperation, strengthen families and communities, and foster a culture of service and peace.

For more, please go to: https://globalpeace.org.my/
Listed below are their reports and updates from our sponsorship: