ECM Libra Foundation collaborates with IDEAS Autism Centre (IAC) which main objective is to provide early intervention care, education and therapy services to cater to children with autism from low-income households. The centre aims to provide this intervention services for children until they are 9 years old so that they can enrol in a mainstream public school in either the Special Education Integration Programme (SEIP) or Inclusive Education Programmes.

From its research, it was concluded that there is a serious gap in the provision of early childhood care, education and therapy services for those with special needs. The need for early intervention centres catering to parents from low-income households is not being adequately met by government or even private sector players. Thus the need for IAC to provide a full day child care centre for children with autism to address this gap.

The Foundation provides sponsorship to enable children from the low-income households to benefit from this early intervention care, education and therapy sessions at IAC.

Students were taken on supervised outings to help develop their social skills. Among the places they were taken to were:

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Visit to the National Zoo
Night Camping at Kem Perah, FRIM Kepong
Gardening has become a daily activity for the students