ECM Libra Foundation sponsors 5 Orang Asli youths for the 2-years programme at Montfort Boys Town. The course is for a period of two years whereby it will be a two-prong approach in the development of the boys and girls; namely that of character formation and industrial skills training. They are expected to stay throughout the two years, as it is a full residential programme. Upon completion of the training they will be awarded a certificate from Montfort Boys Town as well as the SKM Certificate.
General Studies
Besides the above, all students are required to attend classes in this department. Lessons are conducted in English. Students sit for a diagnostic test after which they will be streamed into classes according to their ability in the usage of the English language. The students learn to develop their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Basic computer knowledge is also incorporated into the programme.

The students are provided with individual, group and family counselling needs. They will attend two hours of guidance period each week according to their groups. During the guidance period, they are taught:

• to develop their self-awareness;
• to develop their leadership skills;
• to help them enhance their self-esteem;
• to teach relevant skills for living.

Emphasis is given to leadership training as well a structured daily programme of work, leadership training, study and play.