Tijah Yok Chopil who hails from Kampong Chang Sg Gepai in Bidor, started the Pendidikan Celik Huruf Kanak-Kanak Orang Asli in 1986 with the following objectives:

1.To create awareness amongst the Orang Asli parents that education is important.
2.To cultivate an interest for education amongst the Orang Asli children.
3.To help the Orang Asli children so that they be able to read, write and count.
4.To help the Orang Asli children to keep abreast with the other children in school.

This programme consist of identifying and sponsoring at least one but in some cases several teachers in each village to teach the children in the kampong skills such as basic pre-school reading, writing and arithmetic up to providing after school tuition at primary school level. This is done with the blessing and support of the Tok Batin or headman of each kampong.

ECM Libra Foundation has worked with Tijah since 2009 to sponsor these teachers providing a stipend to them as well as funds for teaching aids, teacher supervision and coordination, educational trips and in some cases classroom facilities.
Currently the programme is being conducted in the following kampongs:

1.Kg Chang Sg Gepai, Bidor, Perak

2.Kg Sg Bil, Slim River, Perak

3.Kg Gesau, Slim River, Perak

4.Kg Rasau, Slim River, Perak

6.Kg Tekir, Labu, Negeri Sembilan

5.Kg Penderas, Slim River, Perak

7.Kg Pos Musoh, Cameron Highlands, Pahand