ECM Libra Foundation sponsored 200 sets of new desks and chairs to this girls’ school in Taiping, Perak after the school appealed to us to help replaced their old and dilapidated desk and chairs, mostly due to wear and tear because of many years of usage.

Pictures shown below are the condition of the desks and chairs in early February 2015.

The students were informed of the good news and as early as 7.40am they were waiting eagerly for the arrival of the new desks and chairs.
9.11 am – workers from Wong Fun Kee Carpentry Sdn Bhd unloading the new desks and chairs.
10.22 am – Workers in TMGS carrying the new desks and chairs to the Form 1 classrooms on the 1st floor.
By 11 February 2015, the 2nd batch desks and chairs were fully delivered to the school.
2nd batch of desks and chairs

The students who have the privilege to use these desks and chairs are obviously over the moon and the smiles on their faces said it all.
Happy Students!! Thank you ECM Libra Foundation!