Tablets for students in Muar

Following the devastating flood in Dec 2021, YB Syed Saddiq appealed to Dato’ Seri Kalimullah Hassan, Chairman of ECM Libra Foundation for tablets for students to continue their on-line studies in his constituents in Muar. Students in many families have to make do with a gadget that is shared among many family members. For some, they don’t even have one to begin with.

YB Syed Saddiq shared a story of a fisherman who had to leave behind his phone for his children to use while he goes out to sea without the phone which would be essential for an emergency.

Because of the limited or non-existence of such gadgets, many students have no means to attend online classes. That is the reality of the digital divide among many Malaysians in the B40 group.

ECM Libra Foundation procured 350 units of the 8” tablets and another 45pcs of the 10” tablets for these students in Muar.

In the handover ceremony held in the art gallery, located within the office premises of Bangunan ECM Libra on 25th January 2022, YB Syed Saddiq expressed his gratitude and appreciation to Dato’ Seri Kallimulah for his generosity and speedy response to his appeal.