The Society of Interpreters for the Deaf, popularly known by its acronym S.I.D., was founded in 1990 as a registered non-profit and non-governmental voluntary organization. S.I.D. takes on the mission to serve as interpreters on the educational, judicial and other various fronts to enable the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community an opportunity of equal rights and access to information and communication. S.I.D. also provides a platform for interpreters to share and exchange ideas on issues relating to interpreting.

Over the years S.I.D. has expanded into other areas of services and development for the deaf community. One of the areas that S.I.D. has moved into is providing education for the advancement of Deaf/Hard of Hearing children and youths. In 1995 S.I.D. set up the Community Service Center for the Deaf (CSCD). CSCD is focused on the development of the child as he or she grows to become a total person and a contributing member of the society.

To pave the way to a successful career for these young individuals, the center also endeavors to train them so that they can adapt in the occupational world. This philosophy is built on the belief that good education, career advice and guidance on the choice of occupation will help prepare them to meet the challenges of the workplace when they leave the center.

The center has 50 students, with a team of ten facilitators, assistant facilitators, office assistants and general helpers. These students range from five years old to 20 years old. ECM Libra Foundation sponsors the stipends given to the teachers in this organization.

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