The LaSalle Learning Center was established in 1984 by Brother John De Cruz, out of a need to offer an alternative methodology of learning for children who are unable to cope with the normal school system. These children are labeled as “underachievers, slow learner or failures” by the school system. One clear symptom of this complex problem is seen when they drop out of school at an early age.The Learning Centre objectives are to promote an environment and opportunities for the young to grow fully in total human development. At the learning center, there are different stations where a child learns to acquire both basic learning skills and enrichment skills.

Basic learning skills include:
1. Thinking & speaking.
2. Counting, calculating & problem solving.
3. Listening including remembering & recalling.
4. Reading & comprehension.
5. Writing including drawing & artistic expression.
6. Spelling & referencing.
7. Doing & making.
Enrichment Skills on the other hand help in strengthening study skills, essay writing, public speaking and creativity. The process includes play activities through educational games, computer literacy and communications technology among other skills.

ECM Libra Foundation sponsored the setting up of their IT resource which will enable the center to share its learning resources and reach out to the many learning centres which has adopted the same teaching method.

Caring and committed individuals worked as volunteers to teach and guide these children. If you want to work as volunteer or to contribute to the course, please click here for more details or visit the Facebook site.