Working with another partner The Little NGO, the Foundation sponsors tuition programmes for the poor and marginalized Indian children in the Kapar area in Selangor.

The children in these areas are caught in vicious cycle of poverty as their parents are mostly displaced ex-plantation workers. They work on day jobs as labourers, collecting scrap metal or as garbage collectors as their traditional full-time plantation jobs have been taken over by lower cost foreign labour. These children broken homes and they attend poorly funded Tamil schools and many struggle to pass their UPSR primary school public examinations due to poor study conditions at home and no support.

Without support they drop out from schools at an early age and often get themselves involved in many social ills. By keeping them in school, it is hoped that they can at minimum finish high-school and be gainfully employed.
ECM Libra Foundation currently provides sponsored tuition programmes in the following schools:
1. SJKT Ladang Bukit Cheraka, Kapar.
2. SJKT Ladang Jalan Acob, Kapar.
3. SJKT Ladang Brafferton, Kapar.
4. Kapar Tuition Center, Kapar.

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