PEMIMPIN GSL is a not-for-profit organisation, which conducts professional development programmes for senior leadership teams from schools in Malaysia. ECM Libra Foundation believes that good leadership is crucial to bringing about positive change in any system, and decided to back PEMIMPIN GSL in its endevour.

In 2020, the Foundation began sponsoring the leaders from 17 primary and seven secondary schools in the Gombak region for the 2-year PEMIMPIN Fellowship Programme. This is PEMIMPIN GSL’s second cohort for the programme.

The PEMIMPIN Fellowship Programme has encouraged many of school leaders to develop leadership skills in various aspects. In leading for equity, one of the participating schools (SMK Assunta) had gathered resources to focus on building literacy skills in ensuring that students from 'remove' classes are not left behind. Meanwhile, SK Segambut collaborated with the expatriate community and parents to help their students improve English proficiency.

Following the programme, SK Tok Muda principal had successfully developed student leadership in his school whereby his primary school students were able to lead and carry out school activities such as Teachers' Day and Sports Day with minimal support from their teachers. There has also been an increase in the number of school leaders who are becoming data-driven in making decisions in their school.

Apart from that, PEMIMPIN GSL also conducts the GSL PINTAR Academy Programme for selected PINTAR Foundation schools nationwide which consists of five academy sessions with each held over three days.

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