Yayasan LaSallian Kuching (YLK) was established in 2002 by former students of St. Joseph School, Kuching and Sacred Heart School, Sibu upon the initiative of Bro. Albinus O’Flaherty. It is a non-profit making organization to promote the development of tuition and learning centers for disadvantaged students irrespective of race and religion and to operate these centres. Their objectives are:

1. To maintain and promote the LaSallian educative community image.
2. To provide funding for educational programmes for the disadvantaged.
3. To undertake such programmes as an independent concern.
YLK works both in the urban area as well as in the villages outside of Kuching. In the villages, the YLK Team works with the village heads to set up the centre using community facilities and developing them into tuition centres. They then appoint retired civil servants or headmasters to be coordinators. Teachers are then recruited to do the teaching. YLK’s programme is focused mostly on students who are sitting for UPSR primary school public examinations. ECM Libra Foundation has worked with YLK since 2010.

The Foundation’s sponsor the tuition programme for the following kampong:
1. Kampong Sibuluh in Bau
2. Kampong Singgai in Bau
3. Kampong Apar
4. Kampong Stass
5. Stutong

For 2013 the program has been expanded to another 3 kampongs:
1. Kampong Skibang.
2. St Joseph School in Kuching.
3. BDC center.